6 Responses to “0064 | Precious”

  1. CMrok93

    Thought it was a bit too over-hyped, but still effective in terms of how it took a shocking story, and made it compelling enough to where it was near-relateable. Sort of. Nice review.

    • Popcorn Nights

      Yeah me too; I guess it’s almost impossible to live up to that kind of blanket praise! Thanks Dan.

  2. Terry Malloy's Pigeon Coop

    Nice write up Stu. I hadn’t ever really considered this one in all honesty. I might give it a whirl if I happen to catch it on TV but it still doesn’t scream at me as something I need to see.

    • Popcorn Nights

      Thanks Chris. If you do have a sudden change of mind it’s on the BBC iPlayer this week. For what it’s worth I didn’t think I’d bother with it based on what I’d read and the trailer I’d seen, but glad I did.

  3. Mark Walker

    Wonderful review as always, Stu. You know, I’ve had this film lying on my shelf for years and never watched it. I should really do that someday.

    • Popcorn Nights

      Cheers Mark, much appreciated! I suppose it’s one of them that you’d have to be in the mood for – definitely some hard hitting stuff in there.


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