OK, I know this has been doing the rounds for a week or so now, but the trailer for PT Anderson’s upcoming comic gumshoe noir Inherent Vice really has got me excited about seeing the film when it is released this winter, so I thought I’d make it the subject of this site’s inaugural Trailer Thursdays post, a series in which I post a new or a classic trailer every Sunday for your delectation. (I’m joking, of course; the clue is in the title – trailers will be posted on Mondays.)

Anderson’s film premiered at the New York Film Festival last weekend, and a few lucky individuals have been forthcoming in their praise, suggesting it is the equal of his best films. I’ve deliberately resisted reading too much about it and I’m not familiar with Thomas Pynchon’s source material, but I do know that the film has a labyrinthine plot, filtered through a So-Cal narco-haze, and that it follows a Big Lebowski-style us vs them cultural subtext involving the authorities and a private detective named Doc (played by Joaquin Phoenix).

It seems as though Anderson is still drawn to stories involving contrasting but equally driven men who share some kind of personal interest (Doc appears to be locked in conflict with Josh Brolin’s authoritarian detective Bigfoot here) but it also looks as though he has finally returned to the broader, Altman-style ensemble creations of his early career here, which will please those who felt that Boogie Nights and Magnolia were more than successful experiments made by a director who was still finding his way and looking for his own voice. Perhaps he simply wants to cram more wackos in to his California-based movies, but that’s fine by me.

Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood returns to score the movie, which will be interesting given the apparent change in tone from There Will Be Blood and The Master. I’m also excited by the soundtrack, which you can hear in full here.

11 Responses to “Trailer Thursdays: Inherent Vice”

  1. Mark Walker

    Great stuff my man! I’m liking forward to more from this blog. A sisters site to Popcorn Nights is certainly in my cool book. Good luck mate! 🙂

    • Stu

      Cheers Mark, it’ll be a nice change to be posting something other than just straight reviews, so I’m looking to a bit of variety here. Are you looking forward to Inherent Vice?

      • Mark Walker

        Can’t wait for inherent vice, man. It’s one of the big ones for me. Anderson is always a real treat. Not to mention that cast as well.

    • Stu

      Cheers Adam, early days but hope it’ll turn out OK! I’m well up for Inherent Vice, looks great.

  2. Todd Benefiel

    This is the first I’ve heard of this, and you’re right, it looks really cool. I thought I saw Martin Short in a few snippets there, and I love when current films do the ’70s right (which this one seems to do). I was planning on ‘Ghostbusters’ being my last theater film this year…maybe ‘Inherent Vice’ will be instead. Or maybe I’ll just see it in 2015.

    • Stu

      That is the lesser-spotted Martin Short! The last thing I saw him in was Mars Attacks!, as I’ve never watched the TV shows he has been involved with. Pretty cool you’re off to see Ghostbusters – I remember watching it at the cinema all those years ago with my dad. In fact I’m almost certain it was the first time I heard swearwords in a film. According to IMDB ‘4 Shits, 1 Goddamn, 1 Dick, 4 Asses, 1 Asshole, 1 Bitch, 2 Pisses, and 2 Hells’ which – admittedly – would be a better name for a blog than ‘Hyperfilm’.

      • Todd Benefiel

        Well, thanks for stealing my new name for Cinema Monolith! I’ve always known Martin Short for his time spent on my favorite TV comedy, SCTV, from way back in the ’80s, so it’s always fun to see him (or any of the others from the show) pop up in movies. And I saw ‘Ghostbusters’ all those years ago as well, but I think my first movie with swearwords was ‘Pinocchio’.


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