Trailer Thursdays: The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Hey, let me just state that Hyperfilm will never, ever be at the forefront of cinema news again after this, but the first trailer for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron appeared online a matter of hours ago (which, in real time, is like the equivalent of three weeks), and we’re proud to be at the very start of what will almost certainly be the longest, most tedious marketing campaign you’ve ever witnessed. It looks … well … kind of like you’d expect: there are superheroes arguing with each other, The Hulk runs at a big version of Iron Man, and The Avengers have regular board meetings where they try and work out what Hawkeye does exactly. I’m a bit sketchy on the plot details at the moment, but it’s clear from the trailer that there’s a huge product placement threat to the planet in Age Of Ultron, and The Avengers will have to combine all of their powers to deal with a rogue fleet of Audi cars sent from the planet Ingolstadt. Be sure to get your tickets now as this independent cracker will probably disappear from cinemas after one week next summer!

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    • Stu October 23, 2014

      I’m part of the marketing campaign now Natalie, and so are you! Resistance is futile, and it will be completely unavoidable, unless someone who has more friends than me launches a high-profile Mongolian cinema blogathon in May 2015.

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