Competition Time: Guess The Film

OK, this is the first competition on Hyperfilm, and depending on how many responses I get it could well be the last. Listed below are ten very poorly-written haikus – purists will be frankly disgusted by the lack of references to nature – each of which refers to a particular film. Can you guess them all? Some of them are obvious, one or two of them less-so, but I’m sure discerning readers of this blog will be able to score maximum points.

The winner will receive an entire year’s subscription to the Hyperfilm blog FOR FREE (usual price: also free) and also gets to enjoy bragging rights as the most knowledgeable film buff on the entire Internet. So without further ado, guess the film…

Crazy man abseils
Just as lightning strikes tower
Grey hair is upright

Hitman at college
Rekindles old eighties flame
While dodging bullets

She is a lady
Ah but is she though?
Johnson evident

Hiding in closet
He watches a creepy man
Inhaling gases

Man blocks forward path
He wields sword expertly so
Doctor will shoot him

It is cold outside
Inside Jack types at a pace
Going crazier

Little bear fighter
Helps win forest moon battle
Removing shield

In land of haiku
Two are unhappy until
Hotel solace found

Lady in diner
Is moaning out loud but what
Did she order

Lone officer fights
A corrupt institution
In millinery

Put your answers in the box below!

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  1. Todd Benefiel November 7, 2014

    Without cheating:

    1) Back to the Future
    2) Grosse Pointe Blank
    3) The Crying Game
    4) Blue Velvet
    5) Raiders of the Lost Ark
    6) The Shining
    7) Return of the Jedi
    8) Lost in Translation
    9) I thought this might’ve been that horror film where the creepy lady crawls on the ceiling of the diner. I searched for the title, and was wrong, but I don’t want to cheat, so I admit defeat with this answer. But I do now know the real answer.
    10) What freaking film takes place in a ladies’ hat shop? A Bond film?

    Well, I missed two, and lose the prize. That I didn’t really want anyway. But hey, as long as I had fun, right?

    • Stu November 7, 2014

      8 out of 10 is pretty impressive. And thanks for being an honest non-cheater.
      Unfortunately this also gives the next person an 8/10 headstart if they scroll down to look at the comments first. I guess I didn’t really think this through.

      On the upside, you might be the only entrant, and win the prize that you didn’t crave so badly.

      • Todd Benefiel November 7, 2014

        Yeah, I wondered about the ‘putting my answers below so everyone could glom off of my smart self’ situation, but then I thought, who would be so underhanded, right?

        But I am aware now that ‘millinery’ could also mean just a hat, and not an entire hat store, so I’m still working on #10, wracking my brain when I should be writing one of 99 reviews.

        And by the way, what’s second prize? Two years of Hyperfilm?

        • Stu November 11, 2014

          Todd, seeing as I’ve only had one answer to this, I guess that makes you the winner. Congratulations! Perhaps I should run another one when I have a few more readers. Or even two readers.
          I know you know that #9 is When Harry Met Sally, but the elusive #10 is Serpico. Congratulations on winning a year’s subscription to Hyperfilm and, er … *rummages around* … a video file of Eegah.

        • Todd Benefiel November 11, 2014

          Today, I consider myself the luckiest Hyperfilm follower on the face of the earth. Thanks Stu, and damn Serpico and the horse he rode in on!

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