A triple Tuesday treat for any Orson Welles fans out there. First up is a brilliant BBC documentary from the 1980s about Citizen Kane that includes interviews with the filmmaker / actor conducted in 1982 and 1960, as well as Pauline Kael, who wrote this famous article on the film.

The second video below is a 45-minute documentary Welles made for the BBC in 1955 called The Land Of The Basques, which examines life in Euskal Herria (the Basque Country). Welles has a pleasant, jolly interview style and speaks to a bunch of locals in this film. It’s fascinating.

Last, and this one is really for the hardcore Welles fans out there, is a 50-minute talk given by the director and writer Peter Bogdanovich before a screening of Touch Of Evil at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art in 2012.