“Hey babe, what do you think of Clint Eastwood?” “Mmmm…I think about him a lot…”

A classic trailer this week – here’s Clint in Every Which Way But Loose, that finely-plotted tale of a man, his fists, his addiction to country music and his pet orang-utan. For some reason the trailer includes a couple of people discussing Clint and the things he gets up to in the movie. “What do you think of Clint confiding his deepest thoughts to an orang-utan?” asks the man, before qualifying it with “it’s Eastwood as you’ve never seen him before”. You’re not wrong there, cocker.

5 Responses to “Trailer Thursdays: Every Which Way But Loose”

    • Stu

      Absolutely. I’m a Clint fan, especially his 1960s and 1970s films, but I’m afraid to say the orang-utan out-acts him here.

  1. Todd Benefiel

    Yeah, that was one weird trailer! I’ve been a fan of Clint Eastwood since I was a kid, and I remember liking this film when I saw it in theaters back then. But watching it now, the relationship between man and ape seems just a little bit too…questionable.

    And on a more serious note, is Hyperfilm merging with Popcorn Nights? Did my winning that haiku contest cause a weakening of Hyperfilm’s infrastructure? Will you and Hyperfilm’s administrator get along? What happens to the money I sent you for a Hyperfilm t-shirt?

    • Stu

      Very questionable. Doesn’t he live in a trailer in the film? I can’t remember now, but let’s just say ‘those are very small spaces indeed’ and leave it at that. As for the answers to your questions: (1) Yes, just figured it was a bit of a silly move to keep two separate. (2) No, the infrastructure was already weakened by the failure of the previous “Where’s Brando?” picture competition. (3) This remains to be seen. I’ve been casually sizing him up for several weeks now and he seems like a bit of a douche. (4) I’m afraid the funds have been diverted into ‘site improvements’, but once I hook up with a new sweatshop I’ll let you know.

      • Todd Benefiel

        1) Well, I’ll miss it. But I’m glad its memory still lives on in Popcorn Nights. 2) Having photos of him on the Riviera in swim trunks was your mistake. 3) I agree, and I don’t even know the guy. 4) I’m having trouble with my sweatshop too.


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