Even as a long-term Star Wars fan I’m not really sure what to make of the hype surrounding an 88-second teaser trailer for a movie that isn’t actually released for another year (in case you’ve been under a rock for the past few days apparently the teaser for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will be shown to the public tomorrow). I’m even less sure what to make of people suggesting that they’ve bought a ticket for a random movie just so that they can see this particular teaser and will leave before the main feature actually plays. But I guess I’m just an old fashioned curmudgeon who thinks the hype machine has been cranked up way too much of late, and that things like trailers shouldn’t have this level of fuss attached to them. So despite the fact I’m one of the millions of overgrown kids that’s looking forward to seeing a minute’s worth of footage from JJ Abrams, I’m posting the trailer for the 1987 parody Spaceballs here today. Y’know it’s a shame Mel Brooks retired twenty years ago, especially when you consider that Spaceballs is actually the third best Star Wars film after Empire and A New Hope.

8 Responses to “Trailer Thursdays: Spaceballs”

  1. Tom

    I couldn’t agree more with you man in terms of how ridiculous hype has been getting recently, there are several instances where movies that I would ordinarily enjoy have been nearly ruined bc people want to say this and this because so many others have claimed that and that. The new edition of The Hunger Games is a good example. I enjoyed myself. But it seems like everyone else had other ideas about it, and bc the trailer did a certain thing, their expectations were not met. More to the point, people are allowed to have their opinion and it is so totally not that part that gets me. But it’s when I get attacked bc I have a certain point of view that differs from another that gets to me, bc I know it’s matter that’s exacerbated by excessive hype. And it’s also a pattern that seems to be intensifying as time goes on. Which is directly related to how these editors are cutting their trailers; how studios are then selling those trailers; we have to learn how to get back to individual perception. Get back to appreciating things for what they are, on our own time and on our own. Period.

    • Stu

      Interesting points Tom! I think it’s ridiculous that you should be attacked for disagreeing with people (either as individuals or as the majority). The whole trailer thing has gotten out of hand – I mean I’m checking for the Star Wars trailer every fifteen minutes or so today already, despite the fact I agree with you! I think they give too much info away (and often the best shots are shown) and too many people decide that they’re going to ‘love’ a film when they’ve only seen two minutes of clips from it! I’ve done that myself recently – Inherent Vice is a good example – so will give myself a thorough telling off once this comment has been posted!

      • Tom

        Cheers to that Stu! Trailers these days are a double-edged sword. They are in so many ways a great tool to get us excited about upcoming releases. They also somewhat represent entire minefields’ worth of spoilers and detail-rich scenes. So as much as I would like to ignore them, i feel like I can’t.

        I haven’t so much as been ‘attacked’ by any one person or even as a group really ever as a blogger (at least thus far), but sometimes general trends can become a nuisance, you know? Sometimes I also take things personally! Lol

  2. Todd Benefiel

    So, I guess I can consider Popcorn Nights as my go-to source for film news and revelation: I had no idea the preview trailer for the new Star Wars was being released tomorrow. And is that really the title? Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Yeah, I just checked…I thought maybe you were being a wise guy. I stand corrected.

    • Stu

      Yeah that’s the title, although all the other six films have uninspiring titles when you think about it! Then again, they’d probably alienate a lot of people if they called it Episode VII: The Cash Rolls In or Episode VII: Even More Toys.

      • Todd Benefiel

        Both outstanding titles, in my opinion! The only title I ever really liked was ‘Revenge of the Jedi’, but then someone went and fouled that one up, so in the end…yes, all uninspiring.


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