Yes sirree! We are well and truly into the month of December, a time when most of us like to take a step back from violent consumerism in order to reflect on things like sprouts, how much Chanukkah gelt has been trousered and what the best films of the past year are. Oh yeah … the end of the year is very much a time for lists, but there are so many out there it’s hard to know which ones are really worth your valuable time. Well, during 2014 I’ve enjoyed lots of the list posts that have appeared on other blogs I follow, so I thought I’d collect a few of my favourites here for your delectation.

10: Top Ten Harrison Ford Roles In Which He Wears An Iconic Hat Of Some Description
I really enjoyed this entry by Dobbin of Dobbin’s Clickety Clickathon, even though I didn’t actually read it. I made sure I hit that ‘like’ button about sixteen times though.

9: Top Three Movies From Kieslowski’s Three Colours Trilogy
A controversial list over at Chunderblog which saw the outcome of Blue, Red and White (in first, second and third respectively) disputed by many in the comments section. Marie of Chunderblog has been missing from the blogosphere ever since the 341st comment appeared that pointed out Three Colours Red was actually the best.

8: The 500 Greatest Charlie Chaplin Lines
Unfortunately Ronald over at Ron’s Dirty VHS Cave ran out of steam with this one, but it was a fun ride while it lasted and I definitely agreed with pretty much all of it, whatever it said.

7: Five Films About Cats That Were Overlooked By The Academy
Archie at I Like Cats doesn’t actually cover movies all that often, but this was an interesting post way back in February in the run-up to the 456th Academy Awards ceremony. Almost as useful was his follow-up a month or so later regarding famous cat-like directors to have missed out on the prized Grand Prix De La Zut Alors award at Cannes. Essential.

6: The Best Trailers Of 1968
Over at Screenfelch it was interesting to see the hot favourites to win this particular list – the 2001: A Space Odyssey and Planet Of The Apes trailers – beaten into second and third place respectively by the John Deere All-purpose MP130 Car and Tractor Trailer. It was a leftfield choice but it certainly made me look twice and I’m pretty sure I have the winner queued up on Netflix somewhere as a result.

5: Jennifer Lawrence’s Shopping List, 6 July 2014
This illuminating list was found and posted by Ricky, the brainy hacker behind Lists! Lists! Lists! Featuring memorable entries like ‘Baked beans (tin)’ and ‘Frazzles multipack’, this level of insight into the lifestyle enjoyed by the rich and famous and artistically wonderful made the annual price of subscription to the blog well worth it. It was a shame to see a lack of fruit on Ms Lawrence’s personal list, but it’s not really my place to comment.

4: The 200 Greatest Interstellar Reviews Of All Time
This one, by WordPress’s’s’s ‘Reader’ was heavy going at times, but it was great to see all those Interstellar reviews collected together in one place. Who will ever forget where they were when they first clapped eyes on their 183rd review of Interstellar, or that feeling they had when they read about the scene in which McConaughey’s kids age in front of his very eyes for the 113th time? Not me. This rounded off a great year for WordPress , with the summer list ‘1,000 Reviews Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Later, The Internet Explodes‘ being another Reader highlight.

3: Ten Jason Statham Films Re-Imagined As Effete BBC Costume Dramas Co-Starring Dame Judi Dench
Whoah! This one by Bonkers Brian over at I Graduated From The University Of Mars was a little bit ‘out there’ to say the least, but it provided us all with a lot of fun as the winter nights drew in. It was nice to see “Crank re-made with Statham in a wig and sporting a ruff in 18th Century Austria” get first place for the third year running.

2: The Worst List
Intriguingly-titled, ‘The Worst List’ was a big hit over at Colin’s Pink Waffles, with readers and fellow bloggers encouraged to submit whatever the hell they wanted as entries; the only criterion was that it had to be ‘the worst of something’. There was surprise success for ‘Jon Voight’s stance circa 1982 or 1983’ and ‘Michael Bay, and oppression’, among others.

1: The 50,000 Greatest Films Of All Time
This mammoth list by Gracie at Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film Film (Film?) is a quite staggering achievement, especially when considering the fact that it was completed in one single day back in March. Ultimately it’s hard to dispute any of it, although I was disappointed by the decision to place mid-1970s Bollywood epic Sholay at 19,311, one place above 1983’s Urusei Yatsura: Only You. That should have been the other way round, but otherwise it was spot on.

So there you go folks. Ten brilliant lists for you to chew over like feral, rabid dogs as we enter the festive period (if ‘sitting on my backside watching repeats of Freaky Friday and Digby, The Biggest Dog In The World with a turkey leg hanging out of my mouth’ counts as ‘festive’, of course). Make sure you click on all the links and send those people some much-needed traffic!

20 Responses to “Top Ten Blog Lists Of 2014”

    • Stu

      Thanks Nostra. I’m afraid I added to the pile with that one…mine was number 194 I think. Haha!

  1. movierob

    is it just me or are do the links to the posts not work?

    Great collections of lists based on the descriptions tho

  2. Ewan M

    Well now I wish some of these actually existed! Also, I hope at least someone commented to say Three Colours: White was the best, because that was always my favourite 😉

  3. Todd Benefiel

    I’m sorry, but I’m not going anywhere near Ron’s Dirty VHS Cave, no matter how much you beg. And this list just reminded me that I still have my Worst Films of 2013 to post, so thanks for that.

    • Stu

      I’m registering ‘Ron’s Dirty VHS Cave’ and from 2016 onwards it’ll be live with niche reviews of straight-to-video classics along with in-depth features on fast-forwarding and ejecting and the like.

  4. ruth

    Great idea for a list here, Stu!! Whoah indeed, where can I see the list of ‘Ten Jason Statham Films Re-Imagined As Effete BBC Costume Dramas Co-Starring Dame Judi Dench’?? Man, someone ought to make a film of THAT!! 😀

    • Stu

      Haha Ruth you are welcome to use the idea if you fancy a foray into filmmaking! I’m not sure whether Mr Statham will be game though!

    • Stu

      Thanks very much Mark. And likewise, I enjoy checking in on Three Rows Back for your reviews.


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