Casting The Net: Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes

Here’s Jon Ronson’s fascinating 2008 documentary on Stanley Kubrick’s vast personal collection of memorabilia related to his various films. Ronson was invited to Kubrick’s house by his widow, and when he arrived at the house he found that it was filled by over one thousand boxes, each containing snapshots, newspaper clippings, film out-takes, notes, and fan letters which the director used for research towards each of his films. Well worth a watch!

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  1. Todd Benefiel December 6, 2014

    I was going to check out just a few minutes of this, just to see what it was like, and ended up watching the whole thing! A fascinating documentary, and quite a fun watch…too bad it wasn’t longer than 47 minutes. Thanks, Stu!

    • Stu December 8, 2014

      Glad you watched it and happy to be of service! It was on the BBC late one night a few years ago and I only just realised it was available on Vimeo. Fascinating indeed and really indicative of how meticulous he was.

    • Stu December 8, 2014

      I’d guess that this is essential viewing for a Kubrick fan. I’m going to focus on some serious Kubrick ‘gaps’ next year – I only watched The Shining for the first time last year, have only seen 2001 once (and that was over 20 years ago) and I’ve never seen Barry Lyndon, Lolita, Dr Strangelove or anything he made before Spartacus. Big gaps!

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