Laurie Bird in Two-Lane Blacktop (1971), Esquire, April 1971

Esquire went a little bit crazy back in April 1971, hailing Monte Hellman’s low-ish budget road movie Two-Lane Blacktop as the film of the year and publishing the screenplay in its entirety before it was actually released. It was an unusual commitment to a new release, especially considering the fact that films like Klute, The French ConnectionMcCabe & Mrs Miller, Carnal KnowledgeA Clockwork Orange and The Last Picture Show, to name but a few, were also released in the same year. ‘We were more than a little premature’ Esquire stated later. Still, it made for a pretty cool cover nonetheless, and in the magazine’s defence the movie has become a cult classic since.

3 Responses to “Covered: Esquire”

  1. Todd Benefiel

    Are these magazines from your personal collection? Do you collect film-themed magazines, or are they just ones you’ve happened upon?

    • Stu

      Hey Todd – no these aren’t mine, just stuff found on the internet. My personal collection of magazines is unpublishable on a family blog like this. (In all seriousness I do buy a fair few film-related magazines but my house is quite small so I tend to chuck them after reading instead of keeping them.)

      • Todd Benefiel

        So, the film-related magazines you do collect are X-rated film-related magazines, right? If so, don’t chuck them…send them to me, in care of this address. FedEx Overnight, if possible.


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