Here, after losing his job on an assembly line and having been implicated as the ringleader in a Communist rally, Charlie Chaplin’s factory worker is in jail. After sitting down for his meal the authorities show up with the intention of finding some smuggled cocaine, cutely referred to as ‘nose-powder’ by the title card.

The comic genius of Chaplin can be seen in all its glory in this clip. I think my favourite bit is the eyebrow-raising, but the bullet-dodging always make me laugh too; if you’ve never seen Modern Times it’s full of great scenes like this and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

2 Responses to “Classic Scene: Modern Times (1936)”

  1. Keith

    Brilliant! I’ve had my eye of rewatching this. It has been too long. Lloyd, Keaton, Chaplin – those guys were simply amazing.

    • Stu

      It’s a great scene, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking of re watching it as well but I should probably see a few classic Chaplins that I’ve never watched first.


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