Classic Scene: Badlands (1973)

There are a couple of great scenes in Terrence Malick’s debut Badlands which show the two main characters, Sissy Spacek’s impressionable Holly and Martin Sheen’s psychopathic James Dean wannabe Kit, as they dance. There’s a nice one that uses the Mickey & Sylvia song Love Is Strange but sadly it’s very short, so I’ve opted to post this clip instead, which shows the two protagonists dancing in front of their car headlamps to Nat King Cole’s A Blossom Fell. It’s a quiet, reflective moment but the lyrics are somewhat ominous, detailing the death of a relationship. This clip also highlights Spacek’s narration, a key feature of the film, which (deliberately) tends to fall into the realm of romantic cliche, and often focuses on places that are either very far away or just out of reach. Despite the fact she mentions in the narration her concern that Kit won’t be able to get a job when they arrive in the far north, she isn’t listening to him in the car as he talks about the kind of work he’ll be able to find.

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    • Stu March 8, 2015

      I really want to watch it too (but unfortunately I don’t own it). I watched To The Wonder a couple of days ago and have been concentrating on Malick a lot!

        • Stu March 8, 2015

          I just need to go over a few things but I’ll post it tomorrow. Unfortunately I went to the cinema to see Chappie today so that has slowed me down!

        • Keith March 8, 2015

          Ugh! I said to myself I would give Chappie a try but the more I saw the trailers and TV commercials the more it made me want to skip it altogether.

      • Todd Benefiel March 9, 2015

        Thanks Stu, it’s good to ‘be’ around again! The move was smooth, but the process was long; I finally got the new place in order this weekend, so now I finally have the time to start posting on my two blogs again, and reading my friends’ blogs as well!

        • Stu March 9, 2015

          Great – congratulations. I’m afraid I haven’t got round to Eegah during your absence but rest assured it is on my to-do list.

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