Where did March go? One minute there were 30 days left in the month, the next…donut. Ah well, onwards we roll into Spring and April, which is usually a good month in UK cinemas if you look beyond the multiplex. I’m keen to see Dheepan, Victoria, Our Little Sister, Midnight Special, Arabian Nights and Son Of Saul during the next four or five weeks. Anyway, back to March, when I finally changed the blog name, but it was also a month in which I watched a total of 27 films; in addition to all the ones I’ve linked to below I also went to see Speed Sisters and Disorder at the cinema, but haven’t finished the reviews yet. I hit the 500 review mark on the blog, too, which I guess is a milestone I should mark with a sentence, at the very least.

In terms of new releases, the films I enjoyed most this month were A Bigger Splash, Anomalisa, High-Rise, Hail, Caesar! and The Pearl Button. To be honest I didn’t see anything at the cinema or on demand at home that I really disliked, and my reviews had some good things to say about King Jack, Orthodox, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Triple 9 and Time Out Of Mind. Even Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice wasn’t that bad. The sad thing is none of those films contain any truly great performances, though I enjoyed turns by the four main cast members in A Bigger Splash, pretty much everyone in Hail, Caesar!, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman in 10 Cloverfield Lane, Richard Gere in Time Out Of Mind and Charlie Plummer in King Jack.

For my Blind Spot last month I sat through all 19 hours of Gone With The Wind and…as God is my witness…I’ll never sit through it again. Well, maybe in 10 or 20 years, if I’m lucky enough to still be here. I didn’t watch anything else older than 15 years apart from Alien Nation, which was fun, though very much of its era. I did, however, quickly get up to speed with Ben Wheatley’s back catalogue; of those A Field In England and Kill List made the biggest impressions, though there are elements of Sightseers and Down Terrace that I appreciated. Watching all four in less than 24 hours was, on reflection, a bit silly.

I’m still catching up with some releases from last year, and it was great to finally see Jauja, which makes me keen to see more by Lisandro Alonso. Gemma Bovery, Song Of The Sea and The New Girlfriend also passed through my TV at different points, and I guess there are reasons to recommend all of them. I also caught up with a few other modern films that I’d missed, including Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty, Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, David Gordon Green’s George Washington and Stephen Daldry’s The Reader. Four diverse and interesting works.

In terms of film of the month (new releases only) I’m a bit torn. I’d probably have to go with Anomalisa, out of the 13 I watched, with A Bigger Splash and The Pearl Button very close behind. The weird thing is I’d rather watch Hail, Caesar! and High-Rise again over any of those three, just because they’re much bolder and there’s more to pick through. But there you go. Anomalisa it is.

4 Responses to “March 2016 Recap”

  1. Tom

    These posts are great to read because I can automatically tell my esteemed bloggers watch way more films than I do! 🙂 I’ve debated forever making an end-of-month kinda post like this but I’m still unsure. . .

    Do I want to own up to my sheer lack of watching . . . as someone who has a blog purportedly about movie reviews? 😉 But this is a great post man — envious that you’ve seen so much in a 30-day period.

    • Stu

      Cheers! Although I have to admit I have slowed down this month a little as I’ve been away. I’m amazed at the amount that some bloggers get through; I feel like one film every day is a lot, but some people seem to get through four or five a day regularly. I just wouldn’t remember any of them if that was the case…plus there are other things in life!


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