Sarah Polley’s romantic drama has a lovely, warm magic hour hue and yet another impressive central performance by Michelle Williams (Seth Rogen, playing the husband her character is contemplating leaving for another man, is noticeably not as good, but he’s OK). The director obsesses over feet – understandable given that this is a film about someone potentially walking away from a marriage – and includes a couple of bravura moments, my favourite being a scene in which a waltzing camera (ah!) moves around a couple in an apartment and records the passing of time as objects of furniture are added and the two characters have lots of sex before the passion gradually fizzles out. (It probably covers a year…maybe two, and throughout Leonard Cohen’s song – from which the film takes its title – rumbles away.) The final act is the strongest, and despite a couple of hiccups I liked the film, though it’s a shame that secondary characters like Sarah Silverman’s recovering alcoholic get short shrift. (***½)