A rewatch. This time round I saw it at a drive-in. Not the American kind, where I presume people still pull up in Ford Thunderbirds before ordering chilli dogs and watching, I dunno, Space Vixens vs Dogzilla, or something similar. I mean the English kind, where slightly miserable-looking families steam up their Renault Espaces in a big, concrete car park that probably returns to being the most notorious dogging spot for miles around 20 minutes after the screening. At least the current success of this particular drive-in means I’ve been able to see way more films on the big screen since my daughter was born than I expected I would, and for that I’m very, very grateful. She is as quiet as a mouse every time she is in the car, which is an added bonus; I think (and hope) she will be a considerate cinemagoer in due course. As for La La Land, I liked it nearly as much second time round. (*****)