This thriller by Kyoshi Kurosawa apparently signals a return to the tougher, grimmer, creepier style of his earlier work, though having arrived myself via softer, recent fare like Tokyo Sonata and Journey To The Shore I don’t think that Creepy will shock or put off fellow latecomers (despite what J-horror aficionados would have you believe). There is a nasty streak within this movie – particularly with regard to the way a woman related to a decade-old crime is repeatedly manhandled by the two men who reopen the case, but also in the shape of Teruyuki Kagawa’s monstrous, Fritzl-esque Nishino, the archetypal weirdo next door. There is a strong opening sequence, a slow-building sense of dread and some decent performances, though it’s all undercut by some character behaviour that doesn’t really stand up to any kind of rigorous analysis. Best just to go with it. (***½)