I wouldn’t say that The Stath is on autopilot in this mindless action thriller, but I’ve rarely been more aware of his limitations as an actor – in fact I think this is the poorest Jason Statham vehicle I’ve sat through. In this film he attempts to play thief-with-a-code Parker, an American character created by the late Donald E Westlake, and the actor sticks with his English accent for the most part, though there’s one dreadful episode where he tries a Texan one on for size. Cue (potentially intentional) hilarity when Jennifer Lopez’s character says at a later point “I knew you weren’t a Texan” with a completely straight face. Supporting cast members such as Wendell Pierce, Bobby Cannavale, Clifton Collins Jr and Nick Nolte pretty much phone in their performances, the script is awful and poor J-Lo is treated like a piece of meat on a couple of occasions. Even the action – the main draw – is carried out in a sluggish and uninspired fashion. (*½)