Goodbye First Love (Un Amour De Jeunesse)

This is an enjoyable drama by Mia Hansen-Løve that charts the life of a young Parisian woman as she negotiates a break-up with her first love, his subsequent return years later, and the early stages of a separate relationship with an architecture professor. The film shares some similarities with Hansen-Løve’s recent (and superior) Things To Come, most notably in it the way that it depicts middle class Parisian family life, and also in the way that the action oscillates between the environs of the big city and the countryside, where characters retreat to take stock, find happiness and consider new directions in their lives. Also, like that later film, the lead character is not totally defined by her relationships with her partners, but also by her education and career (though admittedly it’s to a lesser extent here, perhaps as a result of the main protagonist’s younger age). I doubt I’ll remember all that much about the film a year from now, but the acting’s good and there’s plenty more to like. (***½)