This is a beautiful, heartfelt and superbly-acted film that in my opinion fully deserved its Oscar wins (Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay), and I say that despite thoroughly enjoying La La Land and Manchester By The Sea, among other contenders. Moonlight flows so well through its three parts that you barely notice the introduction of different, older actors to play the main character (‘Little’, ‘Chiron’ and ‘Black’, depending on the period of his life shown), and as so many critics and fans have pointed out it’s refreshing to see such a nuanced, thoughtful take on black, gay, American, male sexuality in mainstream cinema (because let’s be clear…although an indie film shot for less than $2m this has been propelled into the big leagues as a result of its critical success). Emotionally resonating – because even given my own distance from the material as a white, straight, English man there’s enough universally-understood sadness and longing pulsing through the film – and with gorgeous Floridian cinematography by James Laxton (who, a year ago, was probably best known for lensing some of Kevin Smith’s recent box office bombs), I’d struggle to name a better film released since I began blogging four or five years ago. Elegant and enthralling. (*****)