This is another of those widely-revered movies that didn’t quite measure up for me, though please don’t take that the wrong way. I do think that Kelly Fremon Craig’s screenplay for this coming of age film is sharper and wittier than most within the genre – certainly this millennium – and that Hailee Steinfeld is impressive in the lead role, but The Edge Of Seventeen ultimately seems constricted by its own genre and it’s the dialogue that you’ll remember, not the plot, which is by-the-by (and hits most (if not all) of the beats you usually find in such a film at the exact points you expect to find them). So, for me, it’s not a classic-in-waiting, but it is very enjoyable, and I recommend it. Woody Harrelson’s good value, too, as a laid-back teacher who masks his concern about Steinfeld’s Nadine Franklin with indifference. (***½)