A lovely, warm-hearted and bittersweet paean to cinema, the medium of film, movie theatres and the sense of community that they used to engender (and in some cases still do), which – given what we have lost and are currently in the process of losing – should resonate even more with today’s audiences than it did upon release in the late 1980s. This lovely tale of a boy named Salvatore and his relationship with Alfredo – the local picture house’s projectionist – may be schmaltzy at times, but it is undeniably well-constructed and the humour throughout is pitched perfectly. And how about that kissing montage at the end? If you’re not moved by that then I truly feel for you. It’s magical cinema.

I’m feeling very sad after watching it, as I’ve been contemplating the number of near empty screenings I’ve attended during the past few years, and to think of what inevitably lies ahead for many of our cinemas, at least here in the UK. (*****)