Last month I walked into the Cathedral Square in Cádiz while on holiday and found that a temporary indoor exhibition on Georges Méliès had been set up in the midst of the plaza. It was very impressive, briefly explaining and illustrating the birth of cinema and the roles of several key players (including but not limited to Méliès), using several small screens to show key works by Méliès, The Lumières and more. Following this the exhibition space turned into a small cinema looping Méliès celebrated sci-fi fantasy A Trip To The Moon, which is obviously still fabulous, and seemed to delight all the watching Spanish schoolkids. It was nice to see this on a big screen – previously I’d just watched it on YouTube, on a laptop – and I won’t go into any detail on the other silent shorts shown, some of which I’d seen before, but will briefly list them here: Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory, Baby’s Meal, Tables Turned On The Gardener, Baignade En Mer, The Vanishing Lady, The Melomaniac, The Man With The Rubber Head (which remains one of my favourite silent shorts of the era), The Coronation Of Edward VII, Gulliver’s Travels Among The Lilliputians And The Giants, An Adventurous Automobile Trip, The Conquest Of The Pole and The Kingdom Of Fairies. Definitely one of those happy accidents you often get when travelling.