Colossal‘s an odd film that seeks to marry small town American indie drama (in this case concerning a woman who returns to her roots with a drink problem) with an effects-laden, Seoul-set kaiju destruction movie, albeit with an imbalance of around 90% of the former and 10% of the latter. Although I don’t think it quite works, overall, I suppose filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo and his cast and crew should be applauded for very nearly pulling it off – it certainly gets to the point where the transitions between these two different parts of the world becomes so smooth you stop questioning the weirdness of the premise, which posits that the monster’s carnage in Korea is directly linked to the destructive and self-destructive actions (and movements) of the lead character, played by Anne Hathaway. Though all of that is delivered in a heavy-handed fashion, there are slightly more subtle points being made about (American) indifference to events and tragedies that take place on the other side of the world, as well as a fairly convincing look at domineering, self-entitled male behaviour. On the flip side, there’s dismal support from Dan Stevens and it’s hard to detect any real passion for Toho and monster movies more generally, which would have been nice to pick up on. It’s worth a watch, though, and it’s a shame that it tanked. (**½)