If I just throw the words ‘big Detroit house’, ‘lights out’, ‘good-looking teenage thieves’, ‘vicious attack dog’, ‘blind war veteran’ and ‘stacks of cash’ out there then, really, I don’t need to tell you much more about Fede Álvarez’s 2016 thriller Don’t Breathe, which became one of the biggest sleeper hits of last year. There are a couple of twists and turns in there, and in truth it’s all executed competently, but unfortunately as soon as you’re introduced to the poorly-drawn and barely-believable teenage characters – including an obvious final girl (Jane Levy) – you can guess what’s going to happen to them. I can’t champion a thriller that shows you its hand so readily, but it’s not bad and there is one excellent, extremely tense sequence involving the dog, the girl and her car. (***)