I was just in the mood for a 70-odd minute-long slice of camp 1950s American sci-fi, and although no-one would seriously try to suggest that Nathan Juran’s Attack Of The 50ft Woman is a good film, it certainly deserves its cult status because of its cheap-but-inventive effects and its playful subversion of the various ‘giant male’ films that preceded it. Anyone partaking in any activity that might be considered morally dubious at the time (drinking! dancing! philandering!) finds themselves punished by the end of the screenplay, in some way or other, and of course there’s fun to be had in trying to figure out whether the strange ball that floats around the American countryside – or indeed Allison Hayes’ titular mutated lady – are somehow representative of Atomic Age fears and the growing, combined voices of independent women, respectively. The panicked men of the area respond with gunfire, gunfire and more gunfire, rather predictably. (**)