A long-overdue rewatch of one of Steven Spielberg’s most entertaining recent films, and another science fiction movie that mined Philip K Dick’s ouevre successfully. In this story, set in the near future, three pre-cognitive beings can predict murders before they take place, meaning perpetrators can be arrested before the act of killing has actually occurred; Tom Cruise is the top dog in the ‘pre-cog’ crime division, responsible for stopping the murders and making arrests, though his position is threatened by a supremely cocky interloper played by Colin Farrell, whose attempt to out-Cruise Cruise pays dividends and kicks off an intriguing cat-and-mouse dynamic between the two (it’s a real shame they don’t share three or four more scenes together). Samantha Morton is also very good as the ‘main’ pre-cognitive being, the action is exciting and the effects and inventive production design offer similar thrilling pleasures. It’s close to being one of the best action films of the 2000s, but sadly it bears a rather limp final act, and perhaps placing a greater emphasis on the main character’s drug addiction might have lent a little more insta-weight to proceedings. (****)