As per Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers – which she co-wrote and starred in – Alice Lowe’s Prevenge takes as its subject someone who is fairly quiet and unremarkable: here her character Ruth doesn’t dress outlandishly or seek attention in any other way, but she is heavily pregnant and liable to slit your throat before stabbing you repeatedly in the chest, just to make sure that you’re definitely dead. So the two films are about normal, unassuming women who just happen to be on killing sprees. In Wheatley’s film she has a partner, but in this film – which Lowe filmed in a fortnight in Cardiff a short while before giving birth – she acts alone (unless you count the voice of her unborn child, which is apparently urging her on to stab, slash and smash a great number of skulls in). The comedy largely comes from the scenario, and there are a few droll lines here and there, though I’m not sure how well they will travel. Lowe is a funny writer, and a good deadpan actor, but the marriage of humour and kitchen sink drama with extreme violence doesn’t quite do it for me. (***)