Tom Cruise has rarely looked so serious while running around and doing his plane stunts and stuff. Honestly… he is really very serious here, as if he’s being paid by the grimace. Russell Crowe delivers another terrible English accent, just when you’d almost forgotten his abysmal attempt in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, but at least his character disappears for long periods of the film. I have little knowledge of the Boris Karloff Mummy films but this putrid blockbuster can’t even hold a candle to the swashbuckling, enjoyably silly Brendan Fraser movies of the late 1990s and early 2000s. There’s barely an original idea in here, but Cruise’s box office draw shows no sign of waning, and so despite the fact that The Mummy is a terrible start to yet another cinematic universe we will doubtless be seeing more along these lines soon enough. (*)