A Film Diary

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Watched: 1 August

A road movie/crime drama starring Tye Sheridan, Bel Powley and Emory Cohen that has a faint whiff of the early 1990s about it. (Seriously, is this the designated year for millennial True Romance homages or something?) There’s a slight twist to this one in that the structure and split screen employed leads you to believe that you’re watching alternative timelines unfolding, at least for a while (a bit like Sliding Doors, but with guns, Americans and desert roads), but it’s a sleight of hand trick that is really just an attempt to paper over a weak, cliché-ridden script, a barely-believable scenario and a decidedly ropey crazy bad guy performance from Cohen. Sheridan tries hard but fails to make his character interesting and Powley is wasted in an underwritten role as a stripper/prostitute, but there are at least a few good pulpy moments. (**½)


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