Watched: 1 August

A surprisingly low-key and now almost-forgotten film from 1991 starring Jason Patric and Jennifer Jason Leigh as a pair of undercover narcotics officers, both of whom struggle with smack addiction while trying to bust a Texan drug ring. It hasn’t aged too badly, but there are certain problematic aspects, such as Patric’s terrible scenery-chewing, some unlikely-sounding dialogue and a rather irritating and overly-intrusive noodly score by Eric Clapton (the soundtrack also includes his hit song Tears In Heaven). Jason Leigh is good, and there are also decent supporting performances from Sam Elliott, Max Perlich – an actor who I wish had done more movie work during the past 20 years – and Gregg Allman, who plays the local kingpin. (Allman doesn’t say much, and mostly just glares, so he’s actually quite a threatening presence.) A valiant attempt at a hard-boiled junkie cop drama that probably seemed more authentic at the time of release than it does today. (***)