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Watched: 21 August

It may be a simple, stripped back film in terms of the style of the animation, the use of dialogue (there isn’t any, unless you count a couple of growls from the main character, a shipwrecked man who is stuck on a desert island) and indeed the storytelling, but The Red Turtle appears to have made quite the impact on a lot of people who have watched it. It’s not that surprising – there’s certainly a sweetness and a sense of hope to Michaël Dudok de Wit’s work – despite one scene in which the man’s cruelty towards the titular sea creature comes to the fore – and it’s a restful, calm watch that emphasises the benefits of accepting your lot in life and forming lasting, meaningful relationships with those around you. On a couple of occasions I closed my eyes for thirty seconds or so and concentrated on the sound design, which is really excellent. (***½)


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