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Watched: 24 August

Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt play Second World War special agents who meet while operating in Casablanca. That setting, and all that it brings to mind, just serves to highlight how passionless their relationship is in this film, the latest from Robert Zemeckis; both actors are a touch dead-eyed here, even during the much-trailed scene in which they have quick bonk in an old jalopy during a sandstorm. The action shifts to London during the Blitz, and the couple marry and have a child, but SUDDENLY it’s possible that she’s a German spy and Brad must follow orders given by stiff-collared Englishmen and discover THE TRUTH. Is she? Isn’t she? I’m afraid I never once found myself caring, and got tired of looking at Pitt’s anguished face, which seems to be ever-present during the second and third acts. He mostly mixes confusion with worry and fear, as if he’s been asked to work out an advanced mathematical problem in thirty seconds flat and the fate of the world depends upon his success. Zemeckis has made several good films and a couple that are really great… but this isn’t one of them. (**)


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