Watched: 28 August

An animated prequel to last year’s popular Korean zombie film Train To Busan, made by the same director. There are a couple of thrilling moments here, in particular a scene in which four people with one gun between them manage to lock themselves in a jail cell that’s under attack from a horde of the undead, but overall unfortunately in the animation some of the speed and aggression of the live action film’s zombies has been lost. That might please the Romero purists, but it doesn’t quite sit right with me, given that we’re supposed to consider the two films part of the same story. There’s also a rather nasty, misogynistic flavour to the final act, though the point is seemingly being made that your actual live human males are just as bad or worse as their zombie counterparts. Worth seeing if you liked Train To Busan, but hardly essential. (**½)