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Watched: 10 September

A forgettable and sometimes painfully slow adaptation of Stephen Fry’s 1994 novel – in fact Fry has inexplicably been brought in to narrate the story, despite the fact that the narrator, a disgraced poet by the name of Ted Wallace, is played in the film by Roger Allam. (Why not just get Allam to narrate? It would make much more sense.) Anyway, as much as I like Allam (particularly for his excellent work on The Thick Of It), I’ll happily admit that this is not my kind of humour at all, and therefore I just couldn’t click with it; I imagine if you’re a fan of the book, or you’re satisfied by a bit of emphatically-delivered swearing, or even if you’ve enjoyed Tom Sharpe’s satires on the upper class, then you might well get more out of it than I did. (*½)


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