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Watched: 20 September

The Ghoul is a moody low-budget debut feature by Gareth Tunley that occasionally brings to mind Ben Wheatley’s second film Kill List as well as Omer Fast’s slept-upon 2016 thriller Remainder. On the face of it it’s an undercover police story, in which Tom Meeton’s homicide detective Chris poses as a therapist in order to investigate a double homicide, but The Ghoul is more complex than your average procedural, and eventually a far more chilling proposition to boot; to give any concrete details away about the plot would be unfair, but suffice it to say it’s a film in which the protagonist’s mind begins to fracture and questions of identity are to the fore. I couldn’t quite fully buy into it, and while there are some decent performances here (Meeton and Dan Renton Skinner acquit themselves well) there are others that aren’t quite up to scratch; perhaps allowances should be made given the finance available to the filmmaker for that, though. Though this may sound vague if you haven’t seen the film (or even if you have!) I wasn’t particularly enamoured with the way the keys to unlocking the story are presented, either, but plenty of people seem to have liked this outlier, so hey ho. (**)


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