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Watched: 9 October

Francis Ford Coppola’s tale of teenage greasers from the wrong side of the tracks – dealing with growing pains and conducting running battles with posh kids – is occasionally moving, though it’s most notable today for the make-up of the cast, with various actors involved who went on to bigger and better things. I’ll list them in order of performance quality, highest to lowest:

Ralph Macchio
C. Thomas Howell
Matt Dillon
Patrick Swayze
Diane Lane
Rob Lowe
Tom Waits
Sofia Coppola
Emilio Estevez
Tom Cruise

Funny how things turn out. (***)



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  1. November 22, 2017

    This was a favourite of mine once upon a time.

    • Stu #
      November 23, 2017

      I remember we had to read the novel when we were at school… or maybe even a copy of the screenplay. I have a feeling I watched this in the mid-80s but can’t quite remember!

      • November 23, 2017

        Yeah, I read the book in school too. Probably around the early 90’s for me. I’d say that this was the first film (and book) that I originally started critiquing. That’s why I still have a soft spot for it.

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