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Watched: 19 October

A rather middling crime movie about a traveller family, and one that does not quite do enough to challenge stereotypes about that particular community, despite some attempts to show the typical prejudices that are held in wider society. Michael Fassbender stars as Chad, a father and thief who wants his young son to avoid falling into a life of crime, while Brendan Gleeson plays Chad’s father Colby, the family patriarch who is less keen on the idea of his young grandson going to school and bettering himself. There are attempts to blend lightheartedness with this otherwise fraught tale of fractured relationships between men (the women of this small community are neglected by the screenplay, and very much a secondary concern, though Lyndsey Marshal does very good work as Kelly, Chad’s wife), but rather a lot of it felt flat to me, and though there are some scenes that work it only truly sparks into life during its car chases, which are staged very well indeed. Perhaps given the quality of the two stars it has to go down as a disappointment. (**½)


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