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Finished: 5 November

An incredibly thorough and informative documentary series by Ken Burns and Lynne Novack, who combine archive footage and interviews with an excellent soundtrack – which balances Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s score with obvious but expensively-licensed late 60s/early 70s hits – and some stunning still photography. I appreciated the attempts to provide a balanced view of events, with talking-head screen time divided equally between American and Vietnamese survivors of the war. It’s frequently moving, with facts presented clearly and simply, and as per Burns’ earlier series on the American Civil War and the Second World War it’s a must if you’ve any interest in military history. I should note that I watched the 10-hour BBC edit, rather than the 18-hour PBS original, simply because the former was the only version available for me to watch in the UK. I will try and seek out the latter someday. (*****)


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