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Watched: 15 November

An excellent documentary by Jehane Noujaim about the Egyptian revolution of 2011 and the subsequent crises, which saw the fall of Presidents Hosni Mubarak and his successor, Mohamed Morsi. Jehane was present for the initial protests in Tahrir Square in 2012, and traces the subsequent violence, anger and frustration felt by many fellow Egyptians across the next two years, returning repeatedly to the square and to the streets as protesters are killed and subjected to beatings at the hands of the military, the police and other political groups. Following several protesters during the period, the director offers numerous insights into the way in which demonstrations can (or have to, in some situations) escalate and, specifically, this serves as an excellent primer for the situation as it unfolded in Egypt; despite deaths, double-crossings and a mounting anger that leads inevitably to clashes, there are many notes of hope and we are lucky that she was able to capture all of this footage. (****½)


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