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Watched: 26 November

I like the films of the French director Cédric Klapisch, which tend to have a light-hearted quality that makes them ideal for viewing on a Sunday night. (I’m lucky enough that my Sunday evenings are generally spent at home, relaxing, rather than at work, and I grew up watching the gentler programmes that tend to be on terrestrial TV at this time, as the weekend winds down, so my film viewing habits have been shaped by that to some extent.) This one has a lovely setting a small family-run vineyard in Burgundy and a trio of likeable, easy-on-the-eye actors in the main roles, playing two brothers and a sister who take over the running of the business after their father passes away. There’s a nice sense of time passing, with Klapisch incorporating some beautiful static shots during the opening credits in which we see rows of grape vines and trees during the different seasons, and there’s also some gentle humour employed throughout (even during the more dramatic moments, such as the trio’s squabbles with one another, their squabbles with temporary seasonal employees and their squabbles with rival local businesessmen looking to take advantage now that their father is gone). I suppose some people will denounce this film on account of its white, bourgeois subject matter, but the film wryly acknowledges and pre-empts such chatter, and regardless I think there’s room out there for this nice, relaxing and enjoyable film anyway. (***½)


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