A Film Diary

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Watched: 5 December

I wasn’t expecting too much, but I was hoping to get a few laughs out of this modern re-imagining of the popular 1990s TV show, which mixes dick jokes and profanity with the kind of bullshit plot that Hasselhoff, Anderson and co would make their way through in around 48 minutes flat. And I did chuckle at times, for shame, because among the juvenile jokes there are a couple of slightly smart meta gags here, which poke fun at the ludicrous slow-mo the old show used to employ as its stars ran on golden sand, hairdos billowing in the wind. There are long gaps between these few moments of mirth, though, and you’re left with a rather pointless exercise in nostalgia-mining that struggles to really justify its existence. I wouldn’t expect anything more from a comedy starring Zac Efron, but I did expect more from Dwayne Johnson, who takes on The Hoff’s old role as the man in charge. (*½)


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