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Watched: 6 December

Another low-budget romp through the sleazy underbelly of New York life, though this is a much rawer affair than the Safdie brothers’ recent critical hit Good Time. In true indie fashion director Ana Asensio also co-produces, writes and stars, playing a European woman (Asensio is Spanish in real life) who is trying to make ends meet in the big city by taking on a series of crummy jobs (we see her childminding a pair of brats and, rather humiliatingly, out on the street in a ‘sexy chicken’ costume to promote a restaurant). When she is offered a big, one-off cash payment for a night’s work her quick acceptance is understandable and predictable; however the story is anything but guessable from hereon in, and Asensio milks her character’s sudden precarious predicament in the new job for all it’s worth, creating a tense final half an hour that, oddly enough, shares a little common ground with Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy. It’s a promising debut, for sure. (***)


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  1. January 12, 2018

    I really liked this one, Stu. I had no idea where it was going and when it got there, I was totally hooked. It was a very tense ending to an impressive debut.

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