Watched: 6 December

Ildikó Enyedi’s first film for nine years mixes absolutely beautiful shots of a dream that’s shared by two people, in which deer stalk one another in a frozen woodland, with a drama about the complicated relationship between the two dreamers, who are also workers in a Hungarian abbatoir. It’s pleasingly slow in the way that it develops this love affair, between a taciturn man (Géza Morcsányi) and a woman who seemingly has Asperger’s (Alexandra Borbély), yet the quiet, peaceful aura created by these two characters is punctured occasionally be startling imagery (for example of cows being slaughtered and butchered in the abbatoir). The fate of the animals here is linked clearly to the two main human characters, who are superbly portrayed by the two actors, and Enyedi creates a superb atmosphere that holds until the very last moments. Emotionally, the film puts you through the ringer; it’s very good. (****)


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