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Watched: 14 December

A wry, dry, black-and-white chamber piece by Sally Potter that seeks to give the Islington chattering class a bit of a roasting, with mixed results. The characters – all related to one another or long-term friends – are ostensibly meeting for dinner to celebrate the promotion of Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) to the position of Shadow Minister for Health, though the evening goes spectacularly and farcically awry when various secrets harboured by the characters suddenly become public knowledge, particularly with regard to Janet’s husband Bill (Timothy Spall). Much of the humour is derived from placing characters with diametrically opposed worldviews in close proximity to one another, and none of them are particularly shy in coming forward and telling others what they think; though it’s overplayed a touch (Patricia Clarkson’s cynical April is so mercilessly cutting and rude that she seems at times like she’s about to go full-on Cruella De Vil) the film is at least short, sharp and to the point and the cast – which also features Emily Mortimer and Cillian Murphy – are good. (***)


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  1. February 7, 2018

    I was getting ready to read and comment on a Peter Sellers comedy…whooooops!

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