Watched: 17 January

It feels a bit weird to finally sit down and watch the documentary about the ‘end’ of LCD Soundsystem and their farewell show at Madison Square Garden given that they’ve since reformed and released a new album, but Shut Up And Play The Hits is still a poignant, emotional and often thrilling film nonetheless. Live footage is interspersed with singer and songwriter James Murphy going about his daily business in New York, as well as an interview with the perceptive Chuck Klosterman, and highlights of the concert – which I’ve watched in full online a few times – are well chosen. This is a two-hour snapshot of an excellent band at the peak of their powers, but it would have been nice to have heard from other band members like Nancy Whang or Pat Mahoney, though. The additional discs in the three-disc set (ie The Long Goodbye) show the full concert. (****)