Watched: 4 February

There’s a rather fun premise here that plays on the dog-eat-dog, cutthroat nature of corporate life, with all the attendant backstabbing, ruthlessness and selfishness that one associates with employees who are desperately trying to make their way up the greasy pole. The story is set within an American company’s isolated office block in Bogotá, where the 80 or so foreign nationals who work there, each of which has an implant in the back of their heads (supposedly a tracking device to monitor whereabouts in case they ever get kidnapped), are suddenly locked in without prior warning and given a series of instructions that they must carry out – and let’s just say that these instructions put a fresh spin on the notion of team-building exercises and ruin a few friendships. It’s all a bit silly, and eventually Wolf Creek director Greg McLean goes a little bit too wild with the gory visuals, but it’s a fun, throwaway genre piece with a few smart casting choices; though, that said, I’d have happily seen more of Michael Rooker and less of John C. McGinley. In a nutshell it’s the white collar Battle Royale, but James Gunn’s screenplay can’t match that film’s wit. (**½)