Watched: 3 February

Like me, you’ll probably approach this documentary with a pre-existing opinion on ‘canned’ big game trophy hunting, or hunting more generally; it’s something that I disagree with, although after seeing this film I am more aware of the arguments in favour of it than I was beforehand. This is a work with a very even-handed approach to its subject matter: for all the sickening images of rich American holidaymakers standing over the magnificent lions, tigers and other animals they have paid considerable amounts of money to slaughter in the name of sport, there are also compellingly-put arguments that highlight the amount of money that such tourism brings into South Africa (the country that features the most here), and how in turn that money is subsequently spent on certain conservation projects or how it is used to combat the illegal, unchecked poaching of, say, rhinos and elephants. That said, although Trophy shows us how arguments for or against hunting are not quite as black and white as many of us might think they are, ultimately the witless, arrogant utterances of several hunters here – including one religious nutjob – ensured that my pre-existing views on the matter were well and truly cemented by the end. (***½)