Watched: 8 February

There are a few links here to the previous two Cloverfield films, but increasingly this has become a cobbled-together franchise for unloved, unoptioned and unfilmed genre screenplays that have been floating around Hollywood, and results have become somewhat mixed, rather predictably. This instalment of the alien invasion saga takes place almost entirely within a space station, where the scientist crew (another League of Nations bunch, following on from those in The Martian, Life, Alien: Covenant et al) stand around for much of the movie blandly delivering expository dialogue (Daniel Brühl draws the short straw and has to say the majority of it) or staring at things (monitors, levers, each other) with looks of horror or confusion plastered across their faces. There’s a nice line in strange, inter-dimensional occurrences at times, but ultimately it’s a dull, utterly derivative affair that brings nothing new to the genre and shamelessly cribs from much better films; you all know which ones. And Chris O’Dowd’s comic relief turn is the worst. (*)