Watched: 17 February

I rewatch Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (The Final Cut) every couple of years because it’s not too shabby. Nothing to add that hasn’t been said many times before elsewhere. This time, though, I followed up by watching the three shorts (one anime, two live action) that were released in the run-up to Denis Villeneuve’s 2049-set sequel last year. The first, Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 (pictured), is set three years after Ridley Scott’s film; it’s a fun, action-heavy animated short depicting events that are referred to in passing in Blade Runner 2049. Less impressive are the two live action shorts; 2036: Nexus Dawn is just a few minutes of Jared Leto mega-emoting as megalomaniac businessman Niander Wallace in front of other actors (including Benedict Wong), while 2048: Nowhere To Run merely applies a little bit of backstory to Dave Bautista’s minor character Sapper Morton; there’s some punchy backstreet scrapping in the latter. None of the three are essential, and they don’t really add all that much to this particular sci-fi world, but if you’re a fan you might get some enjoyment out of them. (***** / *** / **½ / **½)