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Bonnie And Clyde

Regarded as a countercultural, anti-establishment rallying cry as well as being one of the films that kickstarted the New Hollywood era (though many would argue Mike Nichols’ Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? is the film to have done so), Arthur Penn’s Bonnie And Clyde seems forever bound up with the turmoil and change of the […]

American Honey

I thoroughly enjoyed this new film by Andrea Arnold, the writer-director of Fish Tank and Red Road. It’s the first picture the English filmmaker has made in America, and you could argue that she has reinvigorated both the American road movie and the coming-of-age story with this fresh, loose (and long) tale about a young […]

0461 | Medium Cool

Although he is more widely-known for his cinematography than his directing, the recently-deceased Haskell Wexler actually made 11 full-length features, as well as a few shorts. Most of these were documentaries, though this politically-charged, experimental late-60s piece is unusual in that it effectively blends fact with fiction. The scripted action follows a TV news cameraman played by a […]